04 April 2009

How do you plan from another country?

You get your wedding minions family members to do things for you!

This weekend I had my future SMIL (step MIL) pick up a chalkboard that I found on craigslist.

I've mentioned how we're trying to cut down on paper usage for our wedding by including the use of plantable paper. Another major source of needless paper (that will be thrown out within the hour) is dinner menus at each place setting.

I should tell you right now - Mr. Cubbie and I are major foodies (you didn't catch on to that with my baking endeavors?). I admit to day dreaming about beautifully prepared menus to align with our beautifully prepared wedding dinner! However, I can't justify the use of these 80 or so extra pieces of paper (no matter how lovely).

There are other ways to attaining beauty and style when it comes to educating your guests on their impending adventure in Gastronomia - a chalkboard menu!

I also plan on getting some liquid chalk pens to make the handwriting look cleaner.

I'm not the best artist in the world, but I bet I could get my bridesmaids in on the chalkboard decorating fun! (à la Trader Joe's chalkboards!!)

So now I've got one chalkboard that my FSMIL (too much?) picked up for me.

If we decide to carry through the idea of chalkboards (like the chalkboard crossword puzzle!!), there are some really great resources out there for DIYing chalkboards!

One of the easiest ways to be more "green" when planning your wedding is to re-purpose. One couple re-purposed a non-surfable board to be their chalkboard menu -

You can also spray-paint chalkpaint onto an old mirror, a wall - anything, really!

And of course Martha Stewart's always got some brilliant ideas when it comes to re-purposing -

A grocery list on your green chalkboard pantry door? Absolutely! Ms. Stewart has directions for making your chalkboard paint a custom color. You can even coordinate your chalkboard with your color palette!

How do you plan to display your wedding dinner menu?

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  1. Now I'm thinking about the chalk board concept! I might have to enlist the help of a certain handwriting-gifted girlfriend. The chalkboard menu makes me feel like I'm in France again. *sigh*