06 April 2009

Chalking it up...

... to wonderful inspiration, thanks to 100 layer cake.

This is a chalkboard menu for flowers, but I love how vintage it looks! The tarnished wood border is a great touch. Actually, now that I think of it, this must be a re-purposed door, just like the one Martha made!

Man, I really wish our wedding at home didn't have to be a destination wedding at home - I'd paint an old door/mirror/dog/wall/anything cute-able to make a homey vintage-inspired chalkboard menu in a second.

I have a week in Portland before the wedding - would I be crazy to take on this kind of DIY project a week before the wedding?


  1. Honestly ... yes. I think you could pull it off in a week. Maybe send someone around looking for a door or window ahead of time. Painting with that chalk paint doesn't take that long at all.