23 April 2009

What's the deal with a date? - Part 1

With an average gestation period of eight months, couples have a lot of time to think about their wedding date - a lot of time to sear it into their minds. That date (that number on a calendar) will forever signify their promise of love. It's not surprising, then, when brides try to find the "best" date to save.

My personal favorite I've seen recently is 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010). 101010 is binary for 42, and if you're familiar with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you'll know that 42 is the answer. The answer to what? In this case, the answer to love - any couple who gets married on 10-10-10 can rightly claim that their wedding date was the answer to love.

For other couples it might be something more mathematically simple - the anniversary of a grandparents' wedding, a first date, a first kiss; that sort of thing. At some point, we (as brides) kind of have to let go of the power of choosing a date. The church might be booked on that date for the next 3 years! The perfect reception hall might already be booked when you already have the perfect church date!

Then you're not so much choosing your date, as your date chooses you. That perfect venue is available only one weekend this year? And it's in February? We'll take it! This is often what a lot of couple have to deal with when choosing a wedding date. We certainly determined our date based on the availability of the space!

Even if our wedding date doesn't coincide with an ancestral anniversary, it is still meaningful.

Our wedding date does coincide with a celestial anniversary - an anniversary of equality. Unfortunately, that day is a Tuesday this year.

Is your wedding date imbued with special significance? How did you choose your wedding date - did it choose you?


  1. I think another thing to sometimes consider in choosing the date if you are a control freak like me is whether that will be a good date to celebrate your anniversary in future years (ie. a good time to travel, not too close too family birthdays etc)

  2. 8 months before they pick a date or 8 months before the wedding? According to a huge poll on a Weddingbee thread, the average was something like 21 months!

  3. I guess I meant 8 months before the wedding. Wow, that's such a long time! Is that the average length of an engagement??

  4. Oh, 10/10/10, that's me! I'm just so glad that other people actually understand our whole reasoning! It makes sense outside of my head! yay!