28 April 2009

Did she just say marathon??

Yes - I did! Twenty-six-point-two-miles of wedded bliss!

Mr. Cubbie and I thought this would be a good goal for our getting-in-shape-for-the-wedding pipe dream. As of today, there are 16 weeks until the Portland Marathon. Mr. Bear Cub is from Portland, and has always wanted to run the Portland Marathon. Unfortunately, two years ago while he was training for it, his stepdad died in a plane crash (while on a rescue mission!). This happened about a month before the race - he would have had to be running 40+ miles a week to adequately maintain his training (and not risk injury!). He went to the funeral, and pulled out of the race. A month after, we ran the Rio Grande half marathon together.

Running is something that's truly brought us together as a couple. You need to trust your running buddy - both to help you and to challenge you. I started out not being able to run even a mile... and then 7 months later I was running 13.1 of them.

Running in Portland is even better.

Forest Park, Portland

There's rain, trails, cool air, and a positive running culture. The Portland Marathon is known for being the most walker-friendly marathon!

There's also Forest Park. It's one of the largest urban forest reserves in the US. While the Portland Marathon doesn't go through the park, you could run a marathon on trails to work if you wanted! Mr. Cubbie and I always make time to run together in Forest Park when we're visiting family in Portland.

Granted, I'm definitely not in shape to run a marathon. That halvsie I did? Two years ago. I still consider myself a runner, but moving to another country (and finishing my masters degree) last year really ate up my time.

If you have a good attitude though, running a marathon with 3 months of training is completely doable. My favorite resource for running advice is Runners World. We get the magazine, but the website is hundy-percent free!

Running is an awesome way to get in shape for your wedding. Don't be intimidated - anyone can do it! Runners World has a great first 5k training plan. If you're interested in the sport of running to get in shape for the dress, you should check out their advice (walking is totally acceptable!).

I've got a different beast ahead of me - the marathon. Luckily Runners World is a well of knowledge for first-time marathoners. Their most accessible training plan takes 16 weeks. I've got 16 weeks - this is perfect! They also have great training advice to keep you from being injured. The last thing I want is for my new husband or myself to get seriously injured after only two weeks of being married!

Besides looking better in my wedding dress, I'm looking forward to sharing such a special event with my new husband (it will be his first marathon, too!). We'll be racing for each other, and cheering one another along the entire way.

What are you doing to get in shape for the dress? Do you work out with your fiancé? Are you training for a marathon (or another race) this year, too? Do you have any advice for a first-time marathon runner?

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  1. i am impressed, i could never run a marathon (nor should i, my doctor actually told me to avoid high impact exercise). good luck!