22 April 2009

The wedding dreams are starting

Last night I had one of my first wedding-themed dreams.

We were running late, or we were rushed - I can't remember, only that everyone was sat really quickly. The weather was gorgeous, and everyone was sitting in chivari chairs on the high meadow at westwind (the grassy meadow that overlooks the coastline). I was running late, I had no makeup on, and my hair was just down - normal, straight, flat. The ceremony was starting in a few minutes, so I grabbed a strip of extra lace fabric, and tied my hair in a loose low side ponytail with a lacy bow (I've actually been eyeing my mom's vintage lace scarf! I don't think she'd actually let me use it, though... it's sooo pretty). I was wearing my insanely stunning gown, but I was barefoot and late. So I ran the mile from our cabin to the ceremony site. Barefoot. In my designer gown and lace bow.

Everyone was waiting there for me, and although only 20 or so (out of 150!) had made it, they all looked so happy to see me. I caught my breath - and I caught the most beautiful smile from my fiancé, waiting for me at the other end of the aisle. I grabbed some wildflowers from the earth, and, holding them haphazardly at my side, I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend. We had forgotten the rings, but we didn't care - we said our vows, and we married anyways.

My first wedding dream was riddled with hang-ups and problems, but the thing I remember most of the dream wedding day is how happy I was. I didn't care that I was barefoot, or that my hair wasn't fancy, or that we didn't have our rings. I was calm and contented to be surrounded by the love of my family and friends, and my new husband.

Amidst the dreaded wedding-day nightmares, have you had any positive wedding dreams?

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  1. I had a great wedding dream a few months back.

    I dreamt I was getting married to C. It was obviously a wedding that was hurrieldly planned, like "Oh, let's get married this afternoon!" It took place in a college-type library, and was populated with students I didn't know. Everyone was wearing regular clothes, including me (I was wearing jeans). Since I didn't have a bouquet, I would be carrying a book-- only natural since I was getting married in a library, I suppose. A student handed me a copy of the Bible to use, and I said thanks! Then I said, "Hold on! I don't want this. Lauren (a friend in real life) is bringing me a book," and handed it back to the student. Not sure exactly what book Lauren was bringing me, but she brought it.

    I, along with my bridesmaids (I assume) went and hid behind an area where the wall jutted out and the wedding started. C was up around the corner with the officiant, and I remember when I was walking down the "aisle" (made by tables/desks and bookshelves) how happy I was. The ceremony I don't remember, or maybe didn't even dream. But it was a good wedding dream. :)