29 April 2009

shoes. omg. shoes.

I'm not as obsessed with shoes as Kelly is, but I'm definitely particular. Most strappy heels don't really appeal to me, and 90% of the time you'll find me on the streets in some mod ballet flats.

When I bought my dress last year, I had a month to buy my wedding shoes for my fitting (I had to finish my alterations before the move!). That meant I had to get some shoes, and I had to get them fast. Luckily jcrew is always there to help a sistah out. Even luckier - her ugly stepchild ebay is always willing to cut you a black market shoe deal!

I'm short (a whopping 5'2"), and the Mr. is nearly 6', so I definitely needed a shoe with a heel. The jcrew Hadley d'Orsays were simple and effective - just what I needed! And at a steal on ebay (even less than this listing!), I considered my shoe case closed.

A girl is never "done" with buying shoes. No. It just doesn't happen. When I got the heels in the mail, they were great. They were fine. They hurt. I'm a little granola, if you haven't picked up on it yet. Heels are beautiful, but I just don't know how to walk in them!

I do, however, know how to dance in them! ;) I took some salsa lessons a few years ago, and Mr. Cubbie thought it would be awesome to do salsa as our first dance! You need heels to dance salsa - you're on the balls of your feet 100% of the time. I'm actually more likely to trip while dancing if I wear flats!

Then again, we are getting married on dirt. Heels and dirt are the biggest frenemies at a wedding! I could wear heel stoppers, like Miss Lab, but I could also trip while I walk down the aisle. (For some reason I'm only coordinated when I concentrate really hard. Go fig.)

I settled for buying a cute pair of brown suede flats (thanks again, 'crew!). I had my dress hemmed for the heel height, but right now I'm planning to wear flats down the aisle.

And then I saw these:

Jeez lil' miss 'crew - why you gotta keep tormenting me with all your stylin' stems??

Since my dress looks like this, I thought the little flowers would look oh-so-dainty peeking from underneath the fabric. But at $125 (even on eBay!), I don't know if I should chance this buy.

How many times did you second-guess yourself on shoes? Do you have any shoe recommendations for a short, clumsy, dancing fashion junkie?


  1. I'm obsessed with those heels from J. Crew. I loved their light blue color, but couldn't stomach the price tag! I just clicked the backlink to your dress- it's beautiful!

  2. i love those j.crew d'orsays! I didn't even think to look on ebay for shoe deals!

  3. Those last ones are so cute!!!

    I wore heels down the aisle then took 'em off and danced the night away barefoot. :)

  4. I've heard that you can buy dance shoes (cute ones, mind you) online for supah cheap. They're designed for professional dancing, so they're uber comfy, and I've seen some styles that are amazingly cute (not the icky tan clunkers).

  5. PS- The best way to get used to walking in heels is to wear the around the house. No embarrassing yourself if you stumble =)