09 April 2009

a dress from my dreams - Part 4 (of 4)

I never thought I'd buy my dress so early in the game! Don't get me wrong, though - I was so happy I got everything I wanted in a wedding dress for well within my budget. The "problem", though, is that I never got closure with my first dress love.

Isn't that so silly?! How can someone want closure with a dress? I swear I'm not crazy - I just really like nice fabric.

The timing for my second-guessing couldn't have been better. My dress arrived in the mail at the end of June (no 6-month wait period! hurrah!), and Mr. Cubbie and I were headed up to Boulder for a 4th of July wedding soon thereafter.

You see, in Denver there existed not only a Monique Lhuillier salon (so I could see what the original Miranda and Scarlet gowns felt like), there was also a Priscilla of Boston salon. I could finally try on the POB 2902!

Even better was that the girlfriend of Mr. Cubbie's best man was coming to the wedding too. Even though we'd only spent a little time together, she was excited to go wedding dress shopping with me!

Mr. Cubbie was a groomsman in our friends wedding, so our time in Boulder was, for the most part, not very abundant. I ended up having to cancel my appointment at Monique Lhuillier, but that didn't really matter - I already owned one of her gowns!

Priscilla of Boston was definitely happening, though. My new girlfriend and I drove down to Denver from Boulder in our CarShare wheels (actually cheaper than renting!), and when we pulled up to the salon, I couldn't believe I was finally getting the chance to try on my dress!

I'm so glad I did. I'm also so glad I had a girlfriend there with me! I put some other gowns by Melissa Sweet in the dressing room, but obviously the POB 2902 was the first dress I tried on.

My reaction?

Well, let's put it this way: I didn't even take a picture. I was that unimpressed. There are just some dresses that look way better on the model. It's such a weight off my shoulders to know (for sure) that this dress wasn't me.

One other dress did peak my interest, though - the Melissa Sweet Tilda

Mr. Bear Cub doesn't want to see me in any wedding dress before the wedding, so if you're reading, Mr. Cubbie, stop right now!

Mr. Bear Cub - there're cookies in the kitchen! Wouldn't you rather eat a cookie?


ok... coast's clear!

You can even see POB 2902 in the background.
I really wanted to love it, but just couldn't.

Turns out I loved the Tilda. The pictures don't really do it justice. The lace on the bottom is cut so that when you walk, it swishes and sways so beautifully! The price tag, at $7000, wasn't so beautiful, though. The Tilda is a new design, so there aren't any used dresses for sale (that I'd found) yet. That's fine by me, though - I already owned a gorgeous designer lace dress!

With this little trip to POB, I left feeling well-assured that my eBay steal was my dream wedding dress. No more second-guessing! I love my dress, and I haven't had dress envy since.

Did you get to try on all the dress styles you wanted? If not, did you ever second-guess your decision? Did you still try on dresses after you bought your wedding dress? How many stores did you have to go to until you found your gown?


  1. ooh pretty, i can just see how that bottom would swish. i think it would be fun to try on designer dresses just for fun. after all, when else would i have an excuse to do that??

  2. The Tilda is beautiful, but I love the dress you have so much more.

    and the top half of the Tilda kinda makes your proportions look wonky. Beautiful, but still love the one you have more.