09 March 2009

The Engagement-moon – Part 2 EDIT for a lousy forgetful liar!

Wow, color me ashamed! I was talking with Mr. Bear Cub this weekend about our camping trip to Gila in March 2008, and you know what he said? “We didn’t go camping at Gila!” I had completely forgotten what happened!! How awful of me! It doesn’t really change the engagement story much, but it does make me a sheepish little fiancé and make him +1 in brownie point land.

It’s not so bad. We actually were going to go camping! Up until the LAST. FREAKIN. MINUTE. Literally! We got up early to leave for camping. We had our backpacks in the car. We got our little coffee & muffins from the local coffee roasters. Mr. Cubbie was all like “let me drive, you look sleepy!” At 5:30 am, you don’t say no to such kindness . We got on the freeway. Then he started driving north. Gila is west.

We’re driving to Albuquerque?? What?? (source)

“Surprise!! Happy Birthday!”

“Say WHA?? Wha’ Happan??”

“We’re flying to Boulder, CO to camp with friends for spring break!”

He got me! He knew I had been expecting the proposal to be at Gila! Little stinker diverted one surprise for another ;). Can’t really blame him, though – it was awesome to spend time with friends in Boulder!!

But wait - flying to Boulder? He trickst me up to the last minute – we drove 3 hours to another airport, so I’d still think we were “driving to go camping.” I love him so much! He knows me so well!

So, no formal engagement for us just yet, but the friends we stayed with in Boulder were just 3 months shy of their own wedding! It was really awesome to be able to spend time with them before their wedding day craziness. They are both such wonderful people! Their wedding was amazingly gorgeous, to boot!

I promi I’ll get to the good stuff pronto! For now, I’ll leave you with some wedding porn from their Fourth-of-July nuptials in Boulder.

Be sure to check our her engagement ring! Her husband mined the aquamarine out of the Colorado mountains with just a pick! How rockin' is that???


  1. Aww, I like Mr. Rye Bread already! How cute of him to do that. :)

  2. Teehee, I'm featured on the blog... thanks for the shout out, you too are both wonderful & amazing people. Can't wait for your nuptials!

  3. Great blog! Your sense of style is so great and it looks like your wedding will be amazing! My husband and I lived in Argentina last year and we LOVED living in South America. Hope you're loving it too!