21 March 2009

Two Weeks

I had a friend in college who despised what she called "codependency" in relationships.  Five years later, I realize why she never had a boyfriend.  Being emotionally "dependent" on your significant other is kind of the name of the game!

Mr. Rye Bread is away on business for the next two weeks.  My frenchie friend here would say "il faut profiter de son absense!" (I should take advantage of the extra time).   Then she admitted to me that when her live-in boyfriend leaves town on business (every other week for a week!), she does exactly the same as myself - eat cookies, sleep too late on the weekends, and watch too much TV.  WOW!  Lames-ville!

Zurich is a long long ways away from Santiago...

When Mr. Rye's here, I always feel like I have way too many things on my to-do list.  I never have enough time to take care of these tasks, but I always make time for him, my best friend!  When he's away on business, however, the first thing I do is stay in my PJs and watch TV.  It's so strange how just having the other half around makes me so much more productive!

I certainly have a long list of wedding tasks I could (and should) take care of right now while he's gone.  Isn't it strange how things seem so much easier when your loved one is just sitting beside you?

I think mostly I'm just worried he'll be safe.  He's on a flight right now from Santiago to Zurich on a less than stellar airline.  I know he'll be fine, but I can't help from being worried he'll come home safe!  What if he hurts himself while skiing in Switzerland??  Obviously I'm going to be a mess of a worrying mother one day.  I really should redirect this worrying energy!

Have you found a fool-proof way to redirect worrying-about-my-fiancé-while-traveling energy?  How do you handle your free time when your fiancé or husband is out of town?  I know I'm not the only one to turn on Friends re-runs!


  1. :(

    I have no good advice. I'm a worrier too. I hate flying by myself and I hate when S. flies by himself. Of course if we're together, I don't mind because if the plane crashes we go together :)

  2. haha I like your sense of humor ;)
    I don't even know which is safer here - the buses or the planes!

  3. Well, first of all, there are things I like to do by myself, like sew. Whenever Matt is around, I can never find time to sew because I always want to do things with him. Pretty much anything crafty or organizy keeps be busy while he's away. In fact, I find that it's easier to get up in the morning without him beside me in the warm bed because there's no one for morning snuggles. Night time is a little harder... usually i will waste hours in the internet, because there is no incentive to go to bed. During the day I take the dog for a run or walk and do my crafty fun things.

    That's not to say I don't worry a little bit, but Matt is a man who has always been capable of taking care of himself -- as is Ryan -- they are two peas in a pod. So bring out the whatever-you-like-to-do-that-you-don't-do-enough-of-when-Ryan-is-around...etc... and enjoy the quiet time!