13 March 2009

I hate you, The Knot

When I started looking into wedding inspiration, I thought, "Hey!  That's a pretty magazine!"

The Knot is pretty.  It's pretty like a mannequin in a Mervin's store-front is pretty.  Something's just not quite right.  It's really got potential - real bride profiles, wedding recaps - but for some reason all signs point to "buy buy buy!" and "your wedding isn't pretty enough to be on my cover!".  Now don't get me wrong about adverts - they can be all right, just so long as they're not the only option.  But this isn't really about consumerism (hey, I like to buy pretty stuff too).  This is about making your wedding day into a popularity contest, because apparently that's what The Knot has decided to do now.

Luckily, I found out through one of my absolute favorite bloggers in the wedding-drama world - 2000dollarwedding.  Sara is inspirational and grounded.  We probably won't make our wedding day as devoid of Wedding Industrial Complex as they did, but we definitely dig on the whole reunion-weekend-love part of her wedding!  

The Knot has started up a popularity contest for all weddings (real weddings!  yours, too!) in 2008.  You just submit your wedding details, a few pictures, and maybe a video, and then anyone in the random internet world can vote on how much they liked or disliked your wedding.  Am I the only one who thinks this is an AWFUL idea??

Sara's got stronger balls than me, though - she's submitted her kick-ass wedding in hopes of showing those who think the "wow" factor and presentation of a wedding are most important.  Not, you know, love, or anything.

Being the dutiful cheerleader that I am, I hopped on over to The Knot to try and vote.  You have to be logged in to vote.  Ok ok ok... I'll log in already.  OH HAI RYRYRY - REMEMBZ U BAI NOW? BAI STUFZ.  Gawd, The Knot!  Get off my grill!

After I logged in, I couldn't find any link to this silly little contest!  I clicked again on the direct link to her wedding - they said I needed to log in again.  For a multi-million dollar wedding biz organization, they really need to work on their xhtml skills.  It'd be nice if I could open a new window for The Knot and stay logged in!

Anyways, I voted, but for some reason it took way longer than I thought it would.  Like, click the link, click to vote.  Not quite democratic of them if you need to be logged in to vote on something, eh? 

What do you guys think?  How have you found The Knot useful?  Would you submit your own wedding for scrutiny by random judging eyes?


  1. I think some of the people on the knot can be really snarky and mean, so I don't think I would personally post my wedding on there for fear of it scutinzed. It does take some guts to post your real wedding on there, so props to your friend. Hope she gets some nice comments!

  2. I don't like the knot...and it seems a bit ridiculous to me how difficult it was to vote...but people put their stuff out there all the time in online popularity contests...just go to hgtv.com...they even made a show based off of peoples popularity or non popularity when posting pics of their home.