25 March 2009

How insanely awesome is THIS??

News flash:

You can look at your wedding dress forever after your wedding, even if it's in the closet!
The incredibly talented Introverted Wife (formerly introverted bride) will paint you (your dress) and your husband (his attire) on canvas --

I personally think this is adorable - and such a unique way to remember that you & your dude dressed to the 9's once upon a time! :) Well, maybe you get to dress up all the time - I like my hiking boots & granola all right :). Plus you see that little cutie on the left? Plus one means it's a family! She'll paint in your pooch or kitty upon request!

Our wedding's not til September - otherwise I'd send her our wedding pics to paint tout de suite!

What do you think? Is this rockin, or what? Way to go, etsy!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like my paintings.

    I actually have done one before the wedding as well that was just of the brides dress as she wanted to display the painting at the wedding.