28 March 2009

Goin' home to Caledonia

Mr. Cubbie and I both love music - we love how your mood can change with just a song!

A few months ago he discovered a new UK folk singer, Ruth Notman. If you know who Kate Rusby is, she sounds a bit like that! Ms. Notman has some original songs, but when we heard her cover of Caledonia, we knew it was something special.

The song Caledonia (sung by Dougie Maclean) holds special significance to Mr. Cubbie with his mom. The first time we listened to Ruth's album Threads, Mr. Cubbie started to get choked up when he heard her sing Caledonia. He turned to me and said, "I want to dance to this song with my mom at our wedding" - I could see such strong emotions in his watering eyes, and I started to tear up, myself!

I can't wait to watch Mr. Cubbie and his mom dance to this song at our wedding. She's such an incredible person. It's one of my favorite things in the world seeing my future husband express his love for those dear to him.

I have no idea what my dad and I are going to dance to at our wedding - our relationship is certainly different. However, I'm so touched to hear Mr. Cubbie talk excitedly about things he wants to do with his family members at our wedding.

Has your fiancé shown his sentimental side over some part of the wedding? Will you be bawling as much as I will when you watch your husband and MIL dance together at the wedding?

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