29 March 2009


I know I'm not the first bride in history to do this, but here goes...


Oh - wait... see that? That little dangling "s" on the end there? You read right. More than one cake! Before you think I've completely gone off my rocker, let me console you with this pretty picture:
Isn't that lovely?

How about this one:

Just darling!

I guess we could buy the cakes - it's really not important to us to have a tiered cake - but the thing is, I love to bake. LOVE IT. Hell, I've even got a batch of choco-chip cookies in the oven, right now! My sister loves to bake, too - she's thought about opening a bakery! I'm so happy she's agreed to help me bake the cakes! Come to think of it, Mr. Bear Cub's sister also loves to bake - and she used to work in a bakery decorating wedding cakes! Then again - who doesn't like to bake?

Honestly, though, my idea to bake all of the cakes together spawned from the fact that I desperately miss spending time with my friends and my sister. Even before I moved to Chile, I didn't get many opportunities to spend time with my friends and my family - we're scattered all over the country! The idea is that one day before the wedding weekend (likely wednesday) we (everyone who gets in on the whole "bake a cake" fiasco) will converge at our kitchen in Portland and have a wedding-cake baking party! I think it's a smashing idea! (But no cake-smashing allow. yet. ;) ) Especially because it means I'll have an opportunity for more girls-only time before the wedding :)
You might be thinking right now - how is she going to bake the cake on wednesday for the wedding on the weekend? Here's your answer:

You FREEZE the cake layers. Piece of cake! (har har! ;) ) Seriously, I've tested this a few times now, and always to rave reviews about how moist and fluffy the cake is! This works, folks!

Icing is much less time-intensive (depending, of course), so let's put it this way: this is totally doable. I love that our wedding will have this home-made touch!

My favorite thing about that cake up there? simplicity (oh, and the lavender's a nice touch, too ;) ).

Stay tuned for the recipes and the trials (and errors) and successes!

What's your favorite cake ever?


  1. You are braver than me, dear lady. Rock that $h!t :)

  2. awesome idea! Freezing the cakes will free up so much time! kudos.

  3. Are you really going to have lavender on top because that looks so pretty!

    And also...who doesn't like to bake? ME! I would have rather died than try to make my own wedding cake. I'm definitely not a DIY'er by any stretch of the imagination!

  4. Oh wow! I can't wait to see how they turn out! :)

  5. @Chilena: haha maybe I'll change your mind about baking ;) or at the very least, convince you to "test taste" while you're here!

  6. what kinds are you going to make? i'm definitely planning on making my own cakes/desserts. my sister will help me - we both love to bake too!

  7. wow! I'm really impressed. and I kinda want to do this. my mom would probably kill me for taking on too much diy though. we'll see...