29 March 2009

The other honeybee - Mr. Burt and his Bees

You might have noticed from my excited-engaged-hand shot that my nails aren't exactly the most darling things in the world. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I had a proper manicure!

That being said, with respect to wedding day beauty, I'm not exactly planning for a french manicure. When we talk beauty, here at the Bear Cub den, what we (the royal we ;) ) really mean is health. Let's be honest with ourselves - when we're healthy, we exude natural beauty! I've found some other brides along the way who've found this to be true as well.

As for my nails, they don't exactly look healthy. I don't bite them, but as soon as they grow a millimeter, I cut them back to nearly nothing - and for good reason! I have weak nails. They peel, they bend, they break, and all too easily! Luckily, a long time ago a friend introduced me to Nailtiques.

This "nail polish" isn't so much a polish as a protein-enriched nail strengthener. I accidentally sliced through one of my nails a few weeks ago while prepping food (OUCH), and this little baby is bonding the nail together again!

So, while I have no plans to grow my nails out excessively long, I am looking forward to healthier nails on my wedding day. Au natural, and full of healthy glow :)

Since we're on the subject, I also love love love Burt's Bees herbal blemish stick!!

I don't know about you, but I trust this Burt guy and his fluffy beard to rid me of my fledgling acne - and leave me smelling sweet, to boot! This grandpa hippie must know there are hives of little weddingbees faithfully buying his lip balm, if not the rest of his honey-hive stock! All I'm sayin is WHERE'S THE WEDDINGBEE ENDORSEMENT ALREADY, MR. BURT?? ;)

My favorite favorite thing about the herbal "blemish" stick is that it smells like fennel (read: licorice). You did know licorice is an aphrodisiac for men, didn't you? Mr. Cubbie loves to put his face close to mine and give me eskimo kisses when I use Burt's herbal acne stick.

What are your favorite beauty products for a healthier and more natural lifestyle?

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