06 August 2008

aww.. it's funny cuz it's true...

There's something about weddings that's seriously screwed up. So many expectations, it's impossible to tackle the rationality! Take, for example, guest lists. Obviously, unless you're in the top 0.1% of the US pay bracket, you're going to need to trim the fat somewhere. And what the heck is up with people you hardly know - but are related to via some 3rd cousin half removed - feeling entitled to an invite? And then getting pissy when they don't? It's as if weddings are a blank check for people to drink the crazy juice.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. And I love my friends. I'm deeply saddened I don't get the opportunity to see them more often. That said, I want for our wedding to be personal. You know what I mean? IE, we know the people we see there, we can actually hang out with them, and it doesn't turn into a "fawn over the Mr. & Miss Bear Cub"-fest. Thanks, but I'd rather not have 200 eyes on me. I can hardly handle 30 when I teach!

The problem is, I have a huge fam. And Mr. Bear Cub has a huge base of friends. This is a good thing, but it's also very bittersweet. I want my wedding cake, and I want to eat it, too!
How is it possible to help everyone to feel included in the wedding, without ballooning the guestlist?? (I think the answer will win the Nobel Peace prize.)

05 August 2008

Not your typical wedding location...

Weddings are like summer camp. A bunch of people get together, sing songs, go through rituals (or "ceremonies" ;) ), bond, and try to enrich their lives together. Except most "outdoor" weddings are strictly that - just outside of the door. That wedding on the lawn of your swanky hotel? Totally outdoors. It's got, like, fresh air or whatever that's called.
No dice. Just because a wedding is "outside" doesn't mean it's outdoors. And to each her own, of course, but what I want is for the gorgeous outdoors to be my temple.

Wow, huh? WOW. I had always pictured myself getting married on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I can't imagine anything more breathtaking, more majestic, more emblematic (precipice of life, anyone?).
Ry was a camp counselor every summer during college. He's always imagined getting married at a camp on a lake.

This is Coeur d'Alene (Idaho). Not bad, not bad... just not quite right. We knew we wanted to get married somewhere in the northwest US, so we narrowed it down to 3 major locations: Oregon Coast, Orcas Island, and Vancouver Island. How's that for cutting the list? ;) Let me tell you, there are a LOT of options for getting married in these three places. Tofino on Vancouver Island is bee-you-tee-fool. But perpetually rainy. And as much as we both love rain (really!), I'd kind of like to wear my FAB wedding dress outside. And not have to worry about mud. Then we heard about Strathcona Park Lodge! This chickie had her wedding there, and the reception's in a barn! How fun is that?? So SPL is a major contender!
Exhibit "breathtaking":
We want for everyone to be able to stay together in cabins (like camping!) but with a little bit of luxe (glamping!) and a lot of home-feel (cooking!). Needless to say, even though SPL is NOT my idyllic dream coastal location, we heart Orcas Island. FH was a camp counselor at Camp Orkila, and raves about the place. There're a few places that meet our (unique) qualifications here, but not many. BTW one of our qualifications is "no rip-offs". We'll come back to Orcas Island later.
And then there's OREGON!!! I heart Camp Westwind! OMG fug!
BASICALLY perfect. See that beauty? That's Cascade Head. swoon. Camp Westwind is the 500 acres that comprise Cascade Head. LOVE IT! Remember that first idyllic picture?

Not so shabby, eh? AND Westwind has cabins and reception hall and outdoors and it's WONDERFUL.
So next month, after FH and I leave New Mexico (YAY!), we're going on a "location scouting" trip in the NW! On the list are:
Vancouver Island - Strathcona Park Lodge
Orcas Island - Beach Haven, Camp Orkila, Buck Bay Farm (lavender farm!!!), and Doe Bay (though I'm afraid this place might be out of our price range. Crazy, as it's a hippy farm!!)
Oregon Coast - Camp Westwind

Soo excited!! I'll be updating about the scouting trip as the details are ironed out.
Anyone know of a better place to do a rustic, family&friends-oriented, wilderness wedding in the Northwest?

02 August 2008

Inspiration Blitzkrieg!!!

Alright!! colors! inspiration! glitter! consumerism!

As much as I hate to admit it (what am I talking about? I love this sh¡t!), colors and inspiration can be a good thing! After leaving a friend's wedding in early July, Mr. Cubbie & I started to talk a bit about what we wanted our wedding to look like and feel like. I like flowers as much as the next person, but I've never been so wild about any particular type. I mostly like them to just be there, and feel natural. What's more natural than wildflowers?? So we birthed the idea of lavender and poppies to inspire the wedding ambiance! Who could say no to lavender? And c'mon - poppies? IE, california poppies, golden poppies, red poppies, orange poppies... So pretty! So fragile! So inspirational! The only prob with this is that I don't want everything to feel so (excuse the pun) pop-y. Colors that pop everywhere is just a bit overload. And not so natural, either (I think). So maybe the Muting of the Poppies will be necessary. I think it'll be possible. Especially with lav undertones. This getting a bit boring yet? Don't fret, I've got wedding porn!

(All of the following pics come from snippetandink)

Here we have the lovely "wheat field inspiration board." Look! Lavender! And it doesn't look cheesy!!! We were thinking seriously about having the reception in a barn at a camping lodge, so this is right up our alley.

And then there's the rustic red! Can't you just imagine some lovely poppies picking up these rustic hues? I'm thinking the way to go will be muting hues, and adding the most beautiful color: wood.

This list goes on from there:
Beautiful, beautiful lavender, with natural green (hundy-percent necessary for our outdoor wedding!). Anyone know who makes that dress on the bottom left? The snippet & ink cite wasn't the best.

Did I mention we both looove pears? loooooooooove. Plus look at all this rustic wonderness! What's that? These pears have the same shade as muted poppies, you say? How convenient! ;)

And this lovely...
This one's a bit too blue, but mason jars are the new black!

If you're getting the idea that I naturally like muted, antiqued images, you'd be getting the right idea. Anyone with advice for making that work with lavender and poppies will be SHOWERED WITH COOKIES.

This one's gorge also, but probably not going to make the final color-cut:Maybe just a tad. Like river rocks = gray. And orangeish poppies = coral. Coral's hot.

So what do you guys think? How can lavender, poppies, wood, and (naturally occurring) green shades be incorporated into a color palate that looks rustic and antique? Can it be done??

30 July 2008


bees-only preview!



ok bees, voilà:

29 July 2008

Inaugural Post!

Hi there!
My name's Allison, and I'M ENGAGED!! Seriously though, I'm not one of those... multitude of brides-to-be who crave nothing less than a $3k gown, gold dripping from their french-manicured fingers, and scores of blush-colored peonies in January. I like flowers just as much as the next chick. I don't, however, want my (our!) wedding to turn into an earth-rape-fest. So here I am, starting my endeavors as a DIY wedding planner. Did I mention we're moving to Chile in September? Make that DIY wedding planner from another continent! I love fields of french lavender (I know this comes as a surprise...), GOCCO (more to come on my side-stepping its demise!), running, DEAL-HUNTING!, unique decor, + quirky humor! :) I've just finished my degree in astronomy in southern new mexico, and I'm already planning to go back to school for environmental studies! This is just a slice of my crazy self, so keep reading to learn about my crazy wedding plannings!!