29 July 2008

Inaugural Post!

Hi there!
My name's Allison, and I'M ENGAGED!! Seriously though, I'm not one of those... multitude of brides-to-be who crave nothing less than a $3k gown, gold dripping from their french-manicured fingers, and scores of blush-colored peonies in January. I like flowers just as much as the next chick. I don't, however, want my (our!) wedding to turn into an earth-rape-fest. So here I am, starting my endeavors as a DIY wedding planner. Did I mention we're moving to Chile in September? Make that DIY wedding planner from another continent! I love fields of french lavender (I know this comes as a surprise...), GOCCO (more to come on my side-stepping its demise!), running, DEAL-HUNTING!, unique decor, + quirky humor! :) I've just finished my degree in astronomy in southern new mexico, and I'm already planning to go back to school for environmental studies! This is just a slice of my crazy self, so keep reading to learn about my crazy wedding plannings!!


  1. Oh fun! Where in Chile? I just spent 7 weeks down there last year (mainly in the central part near Curico and down to Pucon and Chiloe). WONDERFUL place! I absolutely loved it!

  2. AWESOME!! I really really want to go down to Chiloe. Like, buy land in Chiloe. Or Puerto Montt. So. Gorgeous.
    We're moving to La Serena - about 400km north of Santiago. While southern chile is, in my opinion, way more awesome, we'll still be in FREAKIN CHILE for 3 years. I think we'll be able to get around.
    Do you have any recommendations for places to go around Pucon and Chiloe?