06 April 2009

2 weeks - over!

Today Mr. Rye arrived home safe from his business trip in Switzerland! Believe it or not, he has a larger sweet tooth than I do. He kept going on and on about the wonderful chocolates and candies in Zurich. It's not all one-sided, though - he brought back prezzies :)

Also, since I've been talking a bit about wedding baking, I think it's appropriate to give a little photo-homage to what the pros are capable of.

Behold - marzipan easter eggs:

Aren't these so adorable? These would be such a cute favor for a spring-time wedding! I especially love the sugar flower on the white-chocolate covered marizpan egg. FYI, it was delish ;)

But wait - what's in this box??

Rye must have heard me obsessing about the adorable (and delectable) fad for wedding favors from Paris...

As soon as I found out they were macarons, I shoved 2 in my mouth!
Dans la bouche!

MACARONS!!! Tiny, cutesy, [already eaten cause I couldn't wait!] macarons!

They traveled all the way from Switzerland to Chile just for me!

My Ladurée runner-up

Yes, these sweet sandwiches may be a bit over-done in the wedding blog-o-sphere, but I say you can never have enough sweets (especially when they're this darn cute).

You know I'd never had a macaron before today?

Doesn't this look like the host from Catholic mass?
THAT'S what they should serve during service - macarons.

This was a momentous occasion - I prepared myself by honoring the egg white gods...

...and then sank into the buttery, chewy, delightfully sweet hamburger. I look like I'm having a bit too much fun, don't I? Have you tasted macarons?

sinfully sweet at its best -
fleur de sel and dulce de leche macaron

They really are that good.

These tiny macaronis are the bite-size version (or, as I like to call it, "fun size" - when're the halloween macarons coming out already??). I have yet to try the larger varieties, but I bet they're equally delish. I can see now why macarons are so popular to include in your wedding! They're really quite a devine delicacy - a great way to share your love of French culture with your guests. ;)

What's your favorite size and flavor of macarons? Are you thinking of including them in your wedding? What surprises does your fiancé bring back for you after he's gone away on a business trip?


  1. i've never had french macarons, just coconut macaroons which are divine - everyone seems to love macarons, so i must be missing out!

  2. If I recall correctly, I think the trick (if you wanna try making them ;))is to cook them at two temperatures. The first one is to cause them to puff up (I think) and the second temp allows the cookies to actually bake thoroughly.

    I can double check my industrial baking book as needed =)