27 January 2009

Crossword love!

A little while ago Emily at oncewed posted the cutest crowd-entertainer for a wedding, a huge love-themed wordsearch!

The lovely bride and groom, as seen by Carl Zoch

This seems like such a wonderful way to include your guests in some ice-breaker activities. It reminded me of a scene from Dan in Real Life where the family is gathered together at their summer home. The new girlfriend (or fiancée? ;) ) is getting to know the family throughout the week, and lucky her - they love family activities! In the scene I'm referring to, someone brings home two copies of the newspaper, specifically for the crossword game! They fraction into guys vs girls, and it grows into the most adorably supportive family competition I've ever seen! I'd love to include a crossword competition into the wedding day, or maybe the day before - it's such a wonderful way to get to know new people. Plus it's a great way to share with our families a hobby (or vice? ;) ) Mr. Cubbie and I share daily!

Games can be a great way to create a joyous family atmosphere at a wedding! How are you planning to get new (and old! :) ) family member acquainted at your wedding?


  1. This is my encouragement for you to blog more! As a pac north west outdoor lover I'm totally digging on your whole vibe and am excited to see the rest of your plans.

  2. Thanks! That's really sweet of you! :)

  3. I love this idea. There is no end to the cuteness.