01 February 2009

You need to know about this NOW!

You might say I had some pretty severe internal conflict when it came to defining our wedding "colors" or "palette". I didn't want anything too defined! You can't hold me back from pairing green and red and purple! and brown! .... and cream! You could say I'd have benefited from some good idea refining.

Everyone and their momzilla needs to go here right now:

Hey! Not so bad, eh?

Maybe I'm not the most "with-it" fiancéed when it comes to the wedding color palette (because the ring on the fingy must mean I have an honorary arts degree - what? you don't?). Even if you're much more color-confident than myself, I recommend a gander at this crazy flickr widget thing!

I picked colors for my automatic palette generator from inspirational photos like these -

Did your wedding colors come together naturally? ...easily? What's been your secret weapon for channeling color inspiration into a concrete palette? (have you slipped by without a color palette? lucky! ;) )


  1. Fun! Every single combo seems to come out pretty. Good news for any ladies who might be stressing about colour choices.

    A fresh sagey green with a blushy watermelony pink and white is so delish.

  2. http://labs.ideeinc.com/multicolr/#colors=8e39ef,951406,667932,667932,502f0c,6e4010,ea9225,5c259a,829b40,4a5824;

    even better!!