04 February 2009

Oh dear...

When grad students get married, the whole "planning process" is taken to a new level:

PHDComics saw me through many a bored/stressed afternoon at the office in grad school. I hope Jorge Cham continues this story arc for a while! There's so much to deal with planning a wedding, not to mention planning a wedding in grad school. It's not so awful for science majors - they (and I) typically get a stipend just above the poverty line. It's an interesting fine line between crappy food and unwillingness (call it laziness?) to get a job in addition to school. Humanities majors, on the other hand, (from what I know) don't get a stipend. I can't imagine going into major debt for school and even more debt for a wedding all at the same time!! I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a sweet job just as we started planning our own wedding.

I love how PHDComics is so droll with the grad school experience - I'm beginning to see similarities with the WIC (Wedding Industrial Complex) experience! Plus, leave it to a grad student to inject their research into the wed-planning process ;) à la Tajel's MOH.

If you're planning your wedding while you (and maybe your fiancé also!) are in grad school, what are some ways you've found to cope with the stress of the two at once?? As with PHDComics, have you found ways to make light of the situation? (even if at times sardonic - believe me, I understand! ;) )

PS- Click the Emergency Button at PHDComics!! GENIUS!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love PhD comics and posted about these on my blog as well. Did you see the final one with the vows? Loved it. We are both in grad school and this series of comics has really hit the nail on the head.

  2. I LOVE PhD Comics - I just featured one in my blog about the LDR...I am getting married this October! In fact, because of the LDR, our wedding was postponed for a year, those comics really help see the silver lining in everything. I need to catch up I didn't know Tagel was getting married!