09 February 2009

la france sait tout!

I've been a little (very) hesitant to include actual red poppies in my bouquet, on the tables, etc. Why? Poppies are so fragile! I've been worrying they'll fall apart. But just look at how adorable this french bride is with her red poppies!

C'est si français!!

It's perfect french countryside! What a wonderful way to start your wedding day - picking wildflowers :)

So beautiful! So genuine!

The bride and groom really look so blissful! And why not? They're French! :) Don't you think she has an air of Juliette Binoche in this picture?

The one thing I can't tell is how well her flowers held up over the day. Don't get me wrong - I don't expect my bouquet to be pristine by the end of the night - I'd just prefer for it to hold some of its shape, you know? Not too much to ask for?

So what do you think? Should I go for my inspiration? Should I include real poppies in my bouquet? What's your experience with using wildflowers as wedding flowers?


  1. Hi! I saw a link from your blog in my stat counter and followed it here to your wedding blog...only to be amazed that you're in Chile!

    Also, I'm honored to be on your list with Punam Bean and Elizabeth Messina, two of my absolute favorite wedding photographers. You have good taste. :)

    ~Kyle (Kyle Hepp Photography, signed in from my personal blog, JMCS)

    PS. Let me know if you are still looking for a wedding photographer!

  2. Haha! :) I actually sent you an email about half a year ago! We're getting married back in the states, but I was just thinking a week ago that maybe we should do an engagement shoot here in Chile. We live in La Serena, so it´s a bummer we can´t really benefit from the Santiago expat contingent. I think we´re going to Valpo next weekend; maybe we can meet up in santi a bit! my email is ( a wid ha lm .... arroba .... gmail ).

  3. Yes, of course you should go with red poppies! You will never forget them whenever you look back at your photos. We didn't use wild flowers but had some orchids flown in from who knows where. Of course, they were a bit brown from all the traveling. looking back, it was such an ordeal. Wild flowers are perfect as is and so beautiful!