12 August 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hi Hive!

Remember me? Lil' Miss Bear Cub? I feel awful for being so MIA recently. It's amazing how much gets piled on your plate at one and a half months out!

The primary reason I've been gone for so long is because this past weekend, I went to my best friend's wedding. I didn't date my best friend (à la Julia Roberts), but I did date her husband's brother for 3.5 years. My best friend - my own MOH "E" - got engaged while I was still dating him! I think they've been together for a cumulative of 11 years now. Some of the best things come with time. The bride & groom - E+E - had one of the most amazing weddings I've ever seen. I didn't take any pictures myself, but I didn't need to. Everyone else in attendance was a photographer there! I plan to post a recap on her wedding when I can get my hands on some pics. ;)

For the time being, I'll give you a sneak peak into their wedding website.

my browser was doing funny things - "Español" has the same font as "English normally ;)

The front page to their wedsite (that the groom designed from scratch) featured a hand-drawn image of E+E. I love how it really looks like them, and it looks like a heart. :) Several members of the bride's family were coming to the California nuptials from South America, so they directed their guests to both an English and a Spanish version of their site.

(click to enlarge)

The groom's a pretty good artist, so in addition to drawing their "monogram" (really, the heart picture of their faces together), he scanned in pieces of paper to look like the moon, clouds, and a rolling hillside. The best part of their wedsite was that the little pieces of "paper" MOVED. The clouds moved past the moon, and the hills slowly rolled, just as the countryside changes as you hike through it. Their wedding was at the groom's parents' home between Half Moon Bay and Redwood City in the Bay Area. It's really quite beautiful there.

a good place for cycling, too!

E+E were very practical with their wedding plans. Their beautiful wedsite directed people to exactly what they needed to know - the "who what when where how" of a wedding. Sweet & simple, and I think it worked fantastically. Plus their RSVP was on their wedsite, so that meant no extra fumbling with RSVP cards. E+E uploaded a picture of each person that RSVP'd yes to their page "who's coming". This was a great way to place a picture with the face of other guests!

My MOH E and her husband did not have professional photography, so I hope to get some pics to share with you soon! I feel very excited to showcase their wedding, because, while they don't necessarily balk at the Wedding Industry, they certainly tried to make their wedding completely their own. They had their wedding at home. There was dancing for those who wanted to dance. The brother of the groom used his fire-engine bar. There was a pig roast. There was home-made honey wine (brewed a year in advance!). There was standing room only at the ceremony. The brother of the bride officiated (with a book on how to survive ZOMBIE attacks!). There was no assigned seating at the reception, the mother of the groom baked the 5-TIER layered cake, and my dear E+E were happier than I've ever seen them. It was truly the embodiment of their lives together, their families, their friends, and their happiness, and I can't wait to share it with you.

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