26 August 2009

How To Adorn The Balcony...

Um... I'm the worst decision-maker ever. I still don't know what necklace I'm going to wear with my wedding dress!

Remember my wedding dress? Good.

I know this is obviously the most important part of the wedding, and why am I not spending more of my time on silly things like venue insurance and lighting, but you ladies like jewelry & style, right? Can't go wrong with the hive! :)

Here's the dish: I have a rather particular look I'm going for. Call it grandma-boho-chic, flapper-tastic, or waterfalls of pearls dripping from my nape. Call it whatever you want, but it looks kind of like this:
photo credit: Ashley Garmon, via OnceWed

More like the bride in the first pic, I love it when the pearls drape past one's balcony. It adds beautiful length to your torso - especially for Shorty McShortcakes like me!

Also very important is the neckline of the dress I'll be wearing. I love how the bride in the second & third pics layered her necklaces - it makes her look so carefree and rich with life! - but my dress isn't strapless. It definitely has "straps", not unlike the bride in the 1st pic (no peaksy, Mr. Bear Cub!!).

So here's my deal - I love the look of long, layered pearls, but I just don't know which gosh darn necklace to get! I've been poring over etsy for the past few days, and it's just getting worse.

I bought these necklaces a few months ago:

I love both of these necklaces - especially the non-white aspect - but I think the second necklace doesn't really come down past my balcony far enough (and it clasps behind the neck, it's not one super-huge necklace doubled up). BTW that dress I'm modeling the 2nd necklace with is NOT my wedding dress - just an example. But remember that my dress isn't strapless!! We must lengthen the torso, and draw attention to my balcony! ;)

all photos from etsy.com

I think the style I'm going for is called "lariat" - the necklace on the bottom right is most like what I'm looking for, but I'm not sure it'll ship in time (from asia!). I'd prefer real pearls, if possible, but this necklace has caught my eye:

... Layered, perhaps, with the two necklaces I already have. Maybe pearls strung on a long piece of ribbon would work...

If I'm to wear anything around my neck, my frame needs length. Then again, I could just forgo a necklace altogether...

Which of these necklaces would you pair with my wedding dress? Do you have any other necklace suggestions for me? How would you best achieve that grandma's pearls/boho-chic look?

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