30 July 2009

chugging the crazy juice...

I saw this earlier, and thought WOW


Maybe it just looks like a bunch of yarn to you, but to me, that looks like soft, supple, delectably cozy wedding-wear to me! So I did what any bride drunk off the crazy juice does. I spent time thinking about it.

Bad idea. I like it. It's pretty. Here, this might help you visualize -

Yup. Still cute. Still like it. Crap. Well... I'm going to be cold on the September evening, aren't I? I'll need some sort of... SHRUG or WRAP, won't I? Of course I will. Don't be silly, little Bear Cub.

I couldn't stop with just one pattern. Oh NOOO... I had to check out my usual free-pattern fix - Knitty. And OF COURSE there are some pretties on there I started drooling over...

and then I fell into the rabbit hole of lace. Ohhh I love lace. Lace so prettyyyy.... (remember, I'm still boozed up on the crazy juice.)

I have the yarn. I guess you know by now I'm a knitter. I used to knit a lot. With knitting, comes yarn hoarding. I have a LOT of yarn. So much beautiful yarn, begging to be donned as a wedding day arm-warmer.

In particular, I have about 7 shades of this yarn:

No joke. I have 7 shades, and 10 skeins (balls) of each color. 70% merino wool & 30% silk? Yes, please! It feels so good, I just want to rub it on my cheeks. Mmm... yarn..

RIGHT. WEDDINGS. Gotta sober up here a bit.

This looks wedding-y to me.

I started knitting this particular pattern a few years ago, but that's a lot of lace, and I ended up not having the time.

Hmm... this is sounding like a wacko idea. Knit a lace shawl/scarf/shrug, with less than 2 months before the wedding? Am I crazy?

Knitters in the hive - how much effort/time do you think it would be to knit a lace wrap thing? Is it worth it?
All you lovely buzzing members of the hive - are these shrugs/wraps really beautiful, or am I off my rocker? Should I save my time, or invest in a beautiful hand-knit wrap?

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  1. I know nothing about knitting. But I love those lacy shawlish scarves. So beautiful.