06 September 2009

Tweet Tweet!

Remember way back when? When I had lofty plans for re-creating Lauren Alane's cutie-patootie felted birds cake topper?

Consider this project DONE suckah!

please forgive the crappy photography! I just discovered photobooth :) - and no tengo tiempo!

It took me a couple of tries, but I finally finished a pair of birdies I was happy with!

Mr. Bear Cub is obviously the taller red birdie! He always wears red, plus he's a ginger ;) (I love me some red hair - can't wait for the cute ginger babies one day!). My little birdie is actually a very light lavender color! Ha! I totally <3 the lavender.

Special thanks to Miss Poodle for supplying me with the correct wire for their legs! :) No hablo the spanish well enough to find the right crafting knick-knacks in my town. ;)

I've still got enough time to dress up the bridal birdie a bit! What do you think, should I go for a little hair flower? Maybe an über-tiny, über-cute bow in her "hair"?

How did you put your cake topper on your cake? I was thinking of just sticking the wire legs into the buttercream! :)

1 comment:

  1. I think hair flowers would be the cutest! And a little bow-tie for the Mr. Bear Cub birdy!