05 September 2009

Too Much Bridal Glow

Wow, that was stupid.

Mr. Bear Cub and I were out on our weekly super-long Saturday marathon training run (you don't want to know how many miles), and Mr. Sunshine (not to be confused with Mr. Sunbeam!) decided to peak his little head out of the clouds.

Ladies, I have two weeks until my wedding. I now look like a raccoon.




TWO WEEKS. TWO WEEKS!!!! I don't particularly want to be sporting the 'coon eyes on my wedding day!!!

...although, I am quite a sexy raccoon!
(sexy raccoon)

Seriously, these are about the worst burn lines one could hope for. If I was wearing sunny-g's, you'd think I would have thought to wear sunblock, eh?

comes with complimentary neck-burn!

It gets worse:
Halfway through the run, I rolled up my sleeves a bit. Ruh-roh! Bear Cub has sleeve lines! Sad Bear Cub. :(

I'm no stranger to burns - normally I wear SPF 50+!! The last time I got a bad burn (worse than this), the burn line lasted for about 5 months.

My wedding is in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, I'm slathering on the aloe, drinking lots of water, and taking some ibuprofen!

How long do you think it will take before the burn fades to my normal lovely pale skin?? What's your fool-proof method to reducing/minimizing burn and tan lines?


  1. oh man. I wish I had a solution for ya. Exfoliate?

  2. Two weeks should easily be enough for it to go. I wouldn't worry. Just keep slapping on the aloe gel - especially straight after a shower when you're still wet - it locks in the moisture.
    Seriously, don't worry, it'll go. I've had loads of sunburn and it's usually a lot better the next day, nevermind in two weeks, and yours doesn't look too bad.

  3. How about spf 50 on the sunburn area and a day of naked running in the sun to even it out...??

    I think you'll be fine. If you plan on wearing a little make-up on your wedding day you can hide the line to make it look like a fade. You'll be gorgeous either way :)

    ps- did you notice my tan lines when i got married? no big deal :)

  4. Ohh My God, its tough to get glow in two weeks. But you'll have to take care of your healthy diet & routine workouts also. Then after you can achieve the goal. So also try some yoga basic also.
    So are you ready??