30 January 2010

Equinox Love: New Beginnings

Hi!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Mrs. Bear Cub, and once upon a time, I blogged (relatively) consistently for this super-rad wedding site called Weddingbee.

No me recuerdes??  :)

It's ok, I'll catch you up!  I live in Chile (Ms. Poodle's home country!) with Mr. Bear Cub.  We met in New Mexico, got engaged in Thailand, and decided to marry in Mr. Bear Cub's home state of Oregon, at a summer camp.  I had some crazy DIY plans along the way.  And an even crazier plan to run a marathon with Mr. Bear Cub a week after our wedding!

How did it all pan out?  It was crazy, wild, emotional, torrentuous, healing, but most importantly, perfect in every way for us.  And although our wedding day was certainly and undeniably one of the happiest moments of my life, I'm very glad it's over.  It's just a day, and now we get to cherish our memories, while building our future together.

Before I jump into the recaps, I have a little slideshow to show you that one of our wedding photographers made for us.  I almost (almost) don't need any other token from our wedding; this selection of images completely encompasses the feeling of our wedding weekend - community.

When I think about the events that happened over the weekend of our wedding, the thing that makes me cry tears of happiness (every time!) is thinking about the incredible effort and support provided by our guests.  Our guests were much much more than guests.  As our friends, our family, our loved ones, they made up a community of love surrounding our wedding.

Every time I see a picture of our friends and family helping us create our wedding day, I cry tears of happiness.  I can safely say that every single person in our wedding community truly made our wedding day happen.  They helped create the event, just as they helped create us through all their previous years of support and love.

I can't wait to share with you how everyone helped make our wedding day happen.  Hopefully I can make you feel like you were there with me, too.  I sure wish you could have been. :)

29 January 2010

oiling the gears

Man I'm rusty at blogging!  hoo-boy. 

Everything since the wed-wed has just been crazy, in a very dull sort of way.  None of it really seemed all that interesting to me, so why would it be interesting for the internets, right?  Plus I know none of you are really interested in what happened after the wedding ;) - you want to know what happened AT the wedding.

I'll get there! I promi.  I need to sort through some things first.  Pictures, obviously, but thoughts most importantly.  Up until this point, I've been blogging about my ideal of a life in the states.  Realistically, I need to get my head out of the clouds.  I live in Chile, I work in Chile, and I'll be in Chile for the next year and a half (or so...).  As much as I may (or may NOT!!!) like this, it's my life right now.  And for the past few months, whenever I think about our wedding, or moving back to the states, it feels like I'm just trying to escape reality.  And that's not healthy.

So, if you'll bear with me, I'll get these rusty gears oiled soon enough.  I'll blog about our wedding (which was absolute bliss, btw), I'll transition to blogging about who knows what (tbd obv), and, of course, there will be beautiful pictures.

Always, beautiful pictures.

(except in this post.)