30 June 2009

Swizzle Sticks!

You know how when you spend a lot of time with one person, you kind of create your own language? Mr. Bear Cub and I spend a lot of time together. We live together, we walk to work together, our offices are next door to each other, we shop for food together, go to spanish class together, run together, eat (almost) every meal together... you get the picture. We're what happens when you move someplace new (and very different) together - you spend buttloads of time with just that person.

For us, it works out pretty well. We're both kind of freaks.

Remember this picture?

Yup. Let's just say we're really lucky we found each other.

It should come as no surprise to you then that our save-the-dates are any less "unique". Way back in February (when I had my head on straight and thought it was a good idea to get the STDs in the mail fast!), I cooked this little guy up in picnik:

This picture was from our trip to Thailand - we took it the day we got engaged! Unfortunately, I just couldn't get over how shiny my butt was:

So I sat on the STDs for a little while (no pun intended ;) ).

Then we met Kyle Hepp, and suddenly we had awesome pics from which to make a better STD! And so I now present you with our (very belated) save the date postcard.

We went for something straight-forward for the reverse of the card (with info on our awesome FREE wedding website). For the front of the card, I decided our guests should probably get a sneak peak of who we really are:

Mr. Bear Cub - eyes unmistakeably closed in the photo, per normal.
Miss Bear Cub - a giggling mess staring at my goofy guy.

Oh yeah, and swizzle sticks. We have a feeling only 1% of our guests will understand what "swizzle sticks" means. "Swizzle sticks" means "cool" just as "fiddle sticks" means "bummer". Pretty obvious, no? I thought so. Swizz!

Our children are going to have an interesting array of vocabulary when they enter grade school.

Are you introducing your guests to some of you & your fiancé's quirks before the wedding? Do you say swizzle sticks? It's pretty much the swizziest thing ever! ;)


  1. that's pretty funny -- what bugged you about that first picture jumped out at me right away, even before I scrolled down and saw you wrote about it, so I think you made a good call changing course. I love y'all's engagement pictures! never heard of anyone using "swizzle sticks" that way, but to each his or her own :)

  2. no never heard of swizzle sticks before. but i know what you mean about language. we say "ruff you" instead of "love you" (bc our lives are dog centric) and i also say "ruh-roh" all the time so i laughed when i saw that on your first STD (also still can't get over that acronym hee hee)

  3. Haha, I noticed your shiny butt too! You could've just photoshopped that out but I'm glad you found me instead :)

    And I'm glad that I gave you that picture! I almost didn't since Mr. Bear Cub's eyes were closed but then I decided to anyway because I thought it was still cute.

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