08 May 2009

Putting the "America" in South America - Part 1

Our engagement pictures are in!!!

Kyle was really awesome to work with. There was a whole slew of locations I wanted to shoot at in La Serena, and she entertained all of them! Even though we're getting married in the states, we thought it appropriate to document part of our lives in South America.

Let's take a tour of our little town in Chile, shall we?

We started our paparazzi craziness in the Plaza de Armas - downtown old La Serena. This is where we take our spanish lessons, and it's got a great colonial feel to it, complete with beautiful gardens and old Spanish architecture.
This one is my favorite!!

bling-bling. 'ello?

We both really liked the Wes Andersen feel to this pic! (above)

When we were done making out gringo-style in the Plaza, we headed to the beach for some foggy coastal action. Remember that whole northern hemisphere / southern hemisphere thing? It may be June for you guys, but it's effectively DECEMBER here! ("Juncember") That means no sunny, summery beach views, but it does make for some awesome cloudy, romantic vistas!
We both really like to do jump spins!!! It's such a blast! We tried to coordinate our efforts ;)Mr. Cubbie's just too good at jump spins ;)I mentioned earlier that I had planned on including props in the shoot - I grabbed a bouquet of dried flowers last minute to play with on the beach. Kyle was really open to any ideas I had. I told her I wanted to get a picture of the flowers mid-air (while we look all normal and lovey-dovey), and she worked her hardest to make it happen! I love how that shot looks romantic, and completely random at the same time! :)

After our day in old spain and on the beach, we finished our photo shoot at an awesome old fort that looks like a castle! That's coming up next! ;)

Was your photographer open to your input on pictures? How did you express yourself through your engagement pics? Which of our e-pics is your favorite? ;)

**all pictures are from Kyle Hepp Photography


  1. I have to say that all credit goes to the assistant Cristian for getting the the bouquet to elevate like that :P I love how that one turned out. Like you said, romantic and SO random.

    Sorry for making you make out so much, but c'mon, I know you guys liked it!

    I had tons of fun at the shoot, it's great to work with couples who have a clear idea of their personality and style they want to show through. You guys were wonderful to photograph.

  2. looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  3. these photos are AMAZING!

  4. Those are fantastic. I can't pick a favorite. But if I had to...it would be the shots on the beach. They have a vintage feel to them. Love it!

  5. Holy crap, so of the photos are downright gorgeous.

  6. those pictures are just LOVELY! I love the one of you sitting on a stoop with your feet over his lap...SOOOOOOOOO swoon worthy. of course all those beach pics are divine. Such wonderful keepsakes my gosh.